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Reiki and Energy Work

Integrated Energy Therapy ® / Usui Reiki / Chakra Balancing

Integrated Energy

Integrated Energy Therapy® / Usui Reiki / Chakra Balancing are holistic health modalities used to identify and clear blockages in the human energy centers of the body. Once the energy centers of the body are cleansed, balanced and strengthened, the physical body can begin to heal itself naturally. Also, Energy Therapy assists with stress and pain management.

Angel Card Reading

An Angel Card Reading can be scheduled as an Add-On with an Energy Therapy session. This is a fun way to connect with your angels for insights about any situation you are experiencing right now. Of course, you are in control of making decisions regarding your life path, but this reading may show you a different angle to a situation that may lead to the more positive outcome.

Muscle Tension and Relaxation Techniques

Muscle Tension and Relaxation

Muscle Tension and Relaxation Techniques release Opposition, Struggle and Limitation from the arm muscles while imprinting harmony. Constriction and Victimization are released from the muscles in the legs while imprinting action.

Soul Star Clearing

Soul Star Clearing is used to identify and bring your soul's mission to life.

On-Line Purchase

Reserve an Integrated Energy Therapy® / Usui Reiki / Chakra Balancing session for $75/hour. Add options including an Angel Card Reading, Muscle Tension and Relaxation Techniques or Soul Star Clearing for ten minutes at $10 for each additional service.

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